Pregnancy app on Iphone

If you are pregnant or just thinking about it, there are iPhone apps that can help you get through the process. It’s true that these apps don’t make the pain ago away, but they do let you keep track of things and become more knowledgeable.With that in mind, here are 10 cool iPhone applications for pregnant women:

Woman Calendar: it may be more complicated than any calendar I have seen, but I have been told it’s a very useful tool for women who want to get pregnant or avoid it.
Pregnancy Calendar: a comprehensive tracking application for pregnancy period. It lets you keep track of what you eat, your weight, doctor visit, baby kicks, and more.

iPregnancy: one of the most popular pregnancy applications for iPhone. Helps you find out when your baby is due and even create a name list with it. Many of my friends have recommended this app so it had to be here.

Pregnancy Alarm: it’s essentially an ovulation calendar. It’s very colorful and from the feedback I have got, it does what it’s supposed to do (I have got to say testing some of these apps is not that easy if you are a guy).

Pregnancy Pregnant: similar to iPregnancy. I have to give the nod to that app, but some prefer this one. Great gift for the mommy in your life.
Foods to Avoid When Pregnant: another very useful app for moms to be. If you are going to be a mom soon, you know your kid’s going to need the proper nutrition. Make sure you eat the right thing with this app.

Contraction Master: it’s a cool contraction timer that makes it easy to send your information to your doctor and keep track of your progress.

Pregnancy Tracker: tells you everything you need to know about your baby. Estimated size, progress, …. You just name it.

NineMonths: keeps track of your fetal movements and contractions. It keeps track of time, intensity, count, and so on.

Life Help: a simple little app that tells you how you can deal with all kinds of issues including motherhood.
There you have it. If you are a mom to be and want to use your phone to manage your situation better, the above pregnancy apps come in handy.

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