Smoking During Pregnancy!!!!

smoking pregnancy 300x246 Smoking and Pregnancy   Is light cigarette safer?
smoking and pregnancy
Here’s the fact, whatever the commercials tell u, it ain’t right.
They can put any label on the smoke, but the supposedly low nicotine
or low tar have almost the same amount of nicotine and tar as the
regular one.
So you know now that switching to “light” cigarettes is not going to
do you or your baby any favor.

Why it isn’t any safer?

smoke 300x193 Smoking and Pregnancy   Is light cigarette safer?
smoking and pregnancy
In the manufacturing process, tobaco companies simply changed the
design on their cigarettes so that they produce less toxins when put
on test on the machines in the labs. For example, putting tiny vents
in the filter so the machines suck in fresh air as well as cigarette
smoke. But when you inhale that thing, the differences is nulled.
Because when a real person smoke cigarettes, they adjust the smoking
technique automatically. They puff more frequently and breathe
deeper. Also when people smoke, they cover the vents in the filters
with their finges. Thus turning the light smoke into a regular one.
In the end, smokers get their full dose of nicotine, plus the carbon
monoxide and tar and the rest of the toxins.

Why should you care?

These toxins can be hazardous to a pregnant woman and her pregnancy.
If you’re worried, then good, you need to quit. Switching to light
cigarette is not the answer, and the sooner the better.
I’ll cover the why you can’t smoke during pregnancy later.
Best of luck in your pregnancy,
have a happy and healthy one.

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